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  1. The Mini F9 Camera is everywhere (and it’s incredibly bad)

    This is another post about cycling, but my parents bought me a helmet-mounted camera to wear when I cycle. It’s kind-of a necessity, particularly when commuting, because motorists are lunatics and cycling infrastructure is inadequate in almost every part of the UK. Unfortunately, they were duped into buying a Mini F9. It’s an extremely common […]
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  2. Bicycle woes

    I’ve been loving my bike ever since it was gifted to me: a black Specialized Allez on Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels. It goes like shit off a hot shovel, because it’s so lightweight (I think it clocks in at about 8kg unladen). But the problem with being an amateur cyclist who’s never been particularly skilled […]
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  3. Using WebC for progressively-enhanced UI elements

    Now I’m back in Eleventy-land, I thought I’d give WebC a go. For those unaware, it’s a templating language that generates Web Components, complete with asset bundling. But unlike regular Web Components, you can build things that aren’t completely reliant on Javascript. Because WebC is server-side rendered initially, you can provide fallback elements that will […]
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  4. Using WordPress as a Markdown editor

    The eagle-eyed among you will notice that my website’s had a slight refresh – and by that I mean I got bored of that ZX Spectrum theme roughly 45 seconds after publishing it. I’ve also switched back to Eleventy! I’m still using WordPress though, because I didnt’ want to migrate. I did, however, want to […]
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  5. Signing up for my first cycling event

    I registered for my first ever cycling event over the weekend. I was thinking about a duathlon/triathlon, but as I\’m not much of a runner or swimmer I thought purely cycling would be the best thing for me. So I registered for the Salford – Blackpool 100k. I’ll be doing it to raise money for […]
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